Cross Stitch Competition

happy ganesh cross stitch pattern. Free pattern in 2012 with a simple condition: you must stitch it and send pictures of your work process. Send email (masdriyo to get the pattern. Special design, in two size choiches.

350w X 494h Stitches, 25w X 35-1/4h in, 63 x 89cm,
250w X 353h Stitches, 17-3/4w X 25-1/8h in, 45 x 64cm
44 colors, Aida 14 White

Patten code a209
Price $25

.Get $5 voucher to register and publish your works of International Cross Stitch designs (free or paid patterns). Send email to to claim your voucher.

Design by ICS (International Cross Stitch) Thomas Subandriyo. For personal use only.

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